Our team of software developers’ work together with experienced traders to identify and execute tomorrow’s strategies.

Pramod Minj

Pramod firmly believes stock market is hard-bitten but historical price data contains unique patterns and trends. He is the founder and MD of Eliphaz Financial Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and planted the seed of this during his M.Tech at IIT Mumbai. He is M.Tech from IIT Mumbai.

Dileep Singh

Dileep says with Innovation in mind, Technology is the key Weapon. He is the Chief Technical Officer and completed his M.Tech from IIT Mumbai.

Amrish Tiwari

Amrish likes to fight afresh everyday and focus on strategizing every opportunity. He is the Quant. Strategy Analyst and completed his M.Tech from MIT Manipal.

Dr. Suchita Lakra

She is Quant. Strategy Analyst and completed her M.E from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra and Ph.D from IIT Dhanbad.